CryptoCurrency : CryptoCurve ICO Breakdown – Investing, Pooling, and Staking

CryptoCurrency : CryptoCurve ICO Breakdown – Investing, Pooling, and Staking

Hey guys i’m back with more information on CryptoCurve. Today it will be a short one covering the ICO Investing, ICO Pooling, and ICO Staking features.

What we know so far is that CryptoCurve is not just a Wallet. It’s a multi-blockchain platform that facilitates cross-chain transactions and smart contracts with a sleek UI. One of its additional features is ICO Hosting:


1) Investors will have access to new ICO’s that decide to launch directly through the Curve wallet

2) Supplementary KYC/AML methods will be enforced to meet regulatory requirements


What this offers is a direct user base that exists on the Crypto Curve Ecosystem to tap into that is secured and backed by audited smart contracts.

Furthermore investors aren’t limited to trading Ethereum or Bitcoin to invest in ICO’s as they are traditionally. The Curve wallet allows users to use any supported Concurrency on its platform to participate in the ICOs.



Users can also Stake their CURV tokens within their CURV wallet to be eligible for ICO airdrops that launch on the Curve Wallet platform.


Its Staking Rewards is distributed in a tier-based system:

+ Tier 1 – top 20% of CURV holders will receive 40% of total airdrops

+ Tier 2 – mid 40% of CURV holders will receive 40% of total airdrops

+ Tier 3 – bottom 40% of CURV holders will receive 20% of total airdrops



I’ve yet to uncover more details on their ICO Pooling, but for those of you who aren’t aware:

*An* [*ICO*]( *pool is a collection of investor funds, pooled together with the sole intention of investing in an ICO. Pools are typically overseen by a group of individuals who manage the contributions made by each investor. Upon the participation of an ICO pool, investors are typically then given access to the pool’s research, giving them the opportunity to assess the quality of any ICOs for themselves. (using smart contracts)*

ICO pools can take on two distinct forms:

* Trustless Pools
* Non-Trustless Pools

To read more on this: [](

This just covers some of the ICO aspects of CryptoCurve, I hope you’ve learned something valuable today. Anyways, I’ll chime in on more info in the coming week!

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