CryptoCurrency : Daily Market Recap – 08/10 – Is It The Bottom Yet

CryptoCurrency : Daily Market Recap – 08/10 – Is It The Bottom Yet

This Friday, the market is still in a somber mood. As the week starts to wrap up, we are still as bearish as Monday a week ago. But stirrings of hope is being rekindled enough to hope that the bottom has been reached and a recovery is in the offing. The market capitalization has inched up a bit to $227 Million. Yesterday, the entire crypto valuation fell into its yearly low at $227 Billion. Still, the rally is very weak and volume still cannot make a decent push upwards. The trade volume dropped to $12.7 Billion.  

As is the trend these past days, the crypto market starts with a good upswing. Bitcoin rebounded to $6600. By the afternoon in Asian Markets, things began heading south again and now Bitcoin is trading at $6353 with a meager 1% growth for the past 24 hours. Bitcoin dominance has once again reached a phenomenal 49% dominance of the market. The trade volume is back up at $4.3 Billion.  

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