CryptoCurrency : Freecash: The world first free gaming platform

CryptoCurrency : Freecash: The world first free gaming platform

**About Freecash**

Freecash offers a way to gamble online risk-free through our online gaming platform and crypto wallet. Freecash lets you play premium casino games for free and offers you the chance to win millions. Build your wealth with your phone in your hand – the only investment you make is some battery life. The platform is 100% free. No credit card, cash or crypto needed.Platform mines cryptocurrency while you are playing on your phone. You get credits to play more games and win more, or to simply cash out what you’ve mined or won.

**The Prize Token**

Players cash out of games with the PRIZE token, and can use it to exchange for rewards from advertisers, like gold, cars, or other products and services. Alternatively they can transfer the PRIZE token to their own wallets and convert it to other crypto currencies.

**Online Gaming**

In the online and mobile app gaming industry target the player and their time they have the unique ability to offer a risk-free gaming experience in which any person with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop can get real profit without gaming sites will also have the opportunity to partner with freecash.By allowing credit conversion on their platforms, we will be able to refer some of our gamers to them.


Freecash makes mining simple and accessible to anyone. It is like a microwave – no need to know how it works to cook.This is the exactly thr type of the mining freecash seeks to provide.Specifically designed to allow non-crypto users to join and access the ecosystem without requiring them to understand what mining is, or how to set up a rig up, players can simply access our gaming website and get started.

**Blockchain Gaming**

No other blockchain gaming product to date has combined crypto-mining with gaming functions executed chain are a technical feat, there is no real business value-add. Players are more likely to go for the gaming the casino and share the earnings. Nonetheless, players still need to stake their own personal capital.

**Boredom Space**

The Freecash market opportunity is very clear. The boredom-killer games with real rewards is very prevalent. FreeCash will provide a platform that lets people earn while killing time. Part of Instagram’s viral success was its simple UI and UX.They are working on providing users with an engaging, simple, seamless gaming platform that rewards users for referrals. The goal is a viral uptick in the number of users.

**Market Segment**

Many people who wish to enter the crypto space are concerned about the risk of purchasing coins with limited knowledge of the market. FreeCash offers users the opportunity to earn crypto without risking their own money.

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