CryptoCurrency : I’m beginning to believe Craig is Satoshi and that, unfortunately, Satoshi is therefore an egotistical jerk.

CryptoCurrency : I’m beginning to believe Craig is Satoshi and that, unfortunately, Satoshi is therefore an egotistical jerk.

I had Satoshi built up in my head as an honorable, righteous, anonymous crypto leader. I was generally fine with him/her/them being anonymous and didn’t bother to look into the situation beyond what information was easily accessible on crypto sites. However, due to this fork business, my curiosity got the better of me and the more I dig into this whole debacle, the more I believe that, contrary to my hopes, Craig might indeed be Satoshi(or part of Satoshi). That doesn’t make me a fan of him. I still think he is a megalomaniac. But that also doesn’t make him not Satoshi.

The reasons I believe he might be Satoshi are the following:

1. The Australian government apparently raided his house right after journalists published an article related to his involvement in Bitcoin’s creation. Now, while we all know governments can be out of control, I don’t find it impossible that some journalist at “Wired” gave the Aussies a tip they believed they should act on and did so anticipating a tax windfall of some sort.

2. Craig is being sued for 5 billion dollars worth of BTC by the estate of David Kleiman. At the very least, Craig is a computer scientist who got in on Bitcoin very early and is definitively tied to other people who have a decent possibility of being involved in the creation of Bitcoin – and that’s if he is not also actually Satoshi.

3. Several reputable cryptographers/ computer scientists claim to verify Craig’s claim (Ian Grigg, Gavin Andresen) by observing him utilize cryptographic signatures that only Satoshi would have access to.

4. Satoshi was said to have used British/Australian slang for emphasis (such as this “bloody” hard) and Craig is in fact Australian.

I’m definitely not pleased by my opinion but I also am not into lying to myself when I encounter uncomfortable truths. Thoughts?

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