CryptoCurrency : Important News – Crypto Revolution – Unique Service to Draw and Win any Coins –

CryptoCurrency : Important News – Crypto Revolution – Unique Service to Draw and Win any Coins –

Our Team is excited to introduce you Ethlus – the first service where you can sell your cryptocurrency higher than its market value!

To sell coins above the real price – it may sound ridiculous, but it’s absolutely real.

How’s that possible? The thing is at Ethlus you can sell cryptocurrencies in a draw format.

Are you eager to learn more?

Then read the details on how it works.


Simple video example


Let’s say you have 1000 XRP you wish to sell. The market value of 1000 XRP is 1.12925 ETH. However, through our service, you can sell your currency up to **4** times higher its real value. So, you can offer your Ripples, for example, for **3** ETH.

Next, you choose the draw type.

1. The Normal Draw is held anyway at the end of the period you specify. If you set a one-week period, your 1000 XRP will be drawn between all the participants in 7 days exactly, no matter if 3 ETH is collected or not.
2. The Safety Draw is held only if 3 ETH is collected, otherwise, you receive back your XRP while all other participants receive back ETH they’ve invested. If you choose the Safety Draw you should pay a small commission fee (e.g. 7% of 1000 XRP, that equals 70 XRP).

The winner is drawn at random through a **Smart contract**, but you can select the winner choose mode.

**1) Bid dependent. The more a participant invests, the higher his chances of winning are.**

A invests 1 ETH

B invests 1 ETH

C invests 0.5 ETH

D invests 0.5 ETH

Hence the probability of winning is ⅓ for A and B and ⅙ for C and D.

**2) Bid independent. All the participants have equal chances of winning regardless of the invested amount.**

A invests 1 ETH

B invests 1 ETH

C invests 0.5 ETH

D invests 0.5 ETH

In this case, the probability of winning is ¼ for everyone – A, B, C, D.

Once the draw is over, we transfer the collected ETH to the seller except for a certain commission fee and the won cryptocurrency to the winner.

The draw of Ethereum is held through a Smart contract. This means it’s absolutely transparent, so you can monitor every step – from the very beginning till the moment the winning is transferred to the winner.

We hold all other cryptocurrencies till the end of the draw; then they are automatically transferred to the winner.

The user who has launched the draw gets the collected amount to his ETH wallet.

**What cryptocurrency can you draw? At the moment it’s** ✅

– Ripple (XRP)

– Bitcoin

– Ethereum

However, we’ll be adding other popular cryptocurrencies. So watch for updates!

**What do you need to use our service?**

Install h[ttps://](]Metamask[/url]), sign up, and that’s it! ✅

You can participate in the already running draws or launch a new one.

**Are you already excited? Then join and win! ✅**

Still got questions? We’re here to answer them.

**Do we support mobile devices?**

Unfortunately no. Our project requires the installation of MetaMask, therefore it’s impossible to launch a draw or to participate in the already existing one via a mobile device.

🔥 We’d like to welcome our new members, and tell about something special we’ve got for Ethlus members only!

>!Our team wants to show how our service works and give you a unique chance to win Original Apple products.!<

**How will it work?**

We will draw Apple products every two weeks. To participate you should do the following:

– Sign up on []( via []( ✅

– Enter a draw with a suitcase icon ✅

– Make at least 0.007 (~2$ Now) ETH bid ✅

– Maximum bid now is 0.035 ETH (~10$ Now)✅

**We will hold a draw in two weeks to announce you the lucky winner!**

Now Available

* Apple MacBook Pro 17-Inch Laptop Quad i7 2.2GHz / 16GB DDR3 Memory / 2TB SSD – [](
* Apple iPhone X, Fully Unlocked 5.8″, 256 GB – Space Gray – [](
* Apple iPhone X, Fully Unlocked 5.8″, 256 GB – Space Gray – [](

>!You can distribute the link any method (Crypto & Apple Product)!<

**The draw can be over ahead of schedule in case the required amount of ETH is collected (i.e. the equivalent of the product value at the moment the draw is launched).**

The winner will receive a winning notification into his account. Our representative will contact you to confirm the delivery address.🚀

**We remind that this action is limited, and is made only for you to understand the principle of the Ethlus service – how can you draw crypto and coins.**

# Attention! If you want to participate in Apple product, register ONLY with real email address, as we will need to contact you

**Wanna try your luck? Join today!**

>! – The first legit lottery based on smart contracts that allows you to win any crypto coins or tokens.!<

FAQ [](

Live Support & Offers – Telegram **@ethlus** ONLY

Always Yours,

Ethlus Team.

© Ethlus 2018. All rights reserved

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