CryptoCurrency : In 2014 I sold 20+ Bitcoins at a 45% loss… Some investment advice.

CryptoCurrency : In 2014 I sold 20+ Bitcoins at a 45% loss… Some investment advice.

My post when I sold

I was over invested and under researched.

I continued to read more and more and eventually bought back in.

I almost spent 1 BTC on 2000 ETH in the crowd sale but they didn’t even have a working product then so I said fuck that. I have NO regrets about that as I would still not invest in vapourware. I’ve stuck to this rule so resisted pretty much every single alt and ICO, even through the mad bull run last year I stuck to my rule.

After ETH proved it’s self and didn’t collapse after the DAO I bought a bunch at around $20. When it hit $120 a few months later I sold some and paid off some debts, I still hodl the rest.

I read about this shit every single day, listen to podcasts that interview thought leaders and developers in the space, I put 1-2 hours a day for 5 years so far into reading about this. I have my eye on about 6 alts but have still not FOMO’d in as there will be plenty of time if they prove themselves. To date the only coins I have bought are BTC and ETH but might invest a little in some others soon.

Yes I’ve missed some stupendous alt gains but I’m still %1600 up on my initial investment. I HODL and don’t day trade, I make 1 trade a year after shit tonnes of reading and listening.

Crypto isn’t going anywhere but %99 of these projects will fail, stick to the proven ones and be super patient, this is a 10+ year investment for me. Look for interviews with the teams behind the projects you like. Are they smart or shmucks? Is there a passionate team? Is the innovation truly needed on a blockchain? Are they just after money?

Bear markets are the time to buy and move portfolio around.

Forget coinmarketcap, this is a much better tool for comparing the health of a project

Good luck.

**TL;DR.** Don’t FOMO, crypto is a long term investment. Clear leaders will emerge way before they truly moon (real moon not hype moon). Do lot’s of research with an open mind to spot the real innovations from the hype. Bear markets are buying opportunity, double down on the ones you truly back, dump the ones you don’t.

**EDIT:** Hey all you hindsight geniuses who say that %1600 or 18x up is pathetic and they would have made 100x at least. Well I forgot to mention that I have already cashed out my initial investment (and some) so I am technically INFINITY % up. I also got my initial investment back by purely selling Bitcoin forks so I still have the same amount of BTC and ETH. Hope that helps. Thanks for your concern.

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