CryptoCurrency : Orchestrated FUD about Funfair

CryptoCurrency : Orchestrated FUD about Funfair

The top post in this post right now is “FunFair has a vulnerability which is even worse than Oyster!” But there is something strange with this post. First of all, it’s extremely alarmistic and the language is hyperbolic. The alleged vulnerability that the OP claims to have found by carefully studying the code is actually not a vulnerability but an upgrade mechanism that the Funfair team has made no intention to hide. It’s fully described under section 5.4.2 in the token contract audit: []( The have used this mechanism to upgrade the contract, and will soon upgrade their fate channels. When all upgrades are done they will finalize the contract.

Also, the OP of the post made a very poor attempt to reaching out to Funfair. Instead of reaching out directly to Jez (founder of Funfair) or the Funfair upper management, he wrote one question yesterday evening only hours before posting his alarmistic hit-piece. The reddit post was timed so that it went out in the middle of the night UK time.

Then what could be the motive of creating FUD about Funfair? The guy who posted the question in Discord yesterday evening is a former lead developer of Zethr, a casino exit scam. I’ve also seen several people claim that the OP of the post is that lead developer of Zethr. My guess is that the FUD was put out in order to some time soon launch an ICO for a “completely trustless” casino that is then branded as safer than Funfair.

As you may have guessed, I’m a Funfair token holder so take it for what you want. I think FF is a really exciting project as they are on few teams to have gone live with a working product, [](, and their fate channels is an example of scaling that works in practice, so I think it’s quite sad when it get this negative attention.

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