CryptoCurrency : So…about Bakkt.

CryptoCurrency : So…about Bakkt.

Just had a thought and was curious what everyone else thinks on this one.

A lot of people including myself think it’s very, very strange that Bitcoin is dumping while Bakkt is right around the corner.

We also know that institutional money is here. If you look at the charts it becomes painfully obvious they have been here a lot longer than most people realize.

Here’s the thing. What are banks/institutions good at? Making money.

How do they do it? Forcibly make shit cheap, then moon it. Over and over and over again. Cycles, as professionals call it.

Now, how would we gain mainstream adoption for specifically Bitcoin? Lord knows everyone has their own shill coin that has their own curve for how it will become adopted, but what about specifically BTC? A lot of people would argue Bitcoin will eventually die off, because it isn’t feasible as a currency. What if, though, Bitcoin actually does become a store of value similar to gold? How would institutions make that happen?

Queue Bakkt.

Queue this price dump.

Think about it. If you were 50 years old, and the only thing you knew about Bitcoin (if at all) was that it reached an astronomical high, and burned a shitload of people who FOMO’d into it. Trust factor is basically zero with retail money. Soon, however, it will be available en masse to the general public for retirement funds and whatnot.

What do you do as an institution wanting to make a shitload of money, to not only bring back faith in Bitcoin, but make a shitload of money doing it?


A lot of professionals would say that an asset that has gone parabolic will almost always return to the point of breakout. It can be argued many different thousands of ways where Bitcoin ‘technically’ broke out, but that isn’t the point here.

1. Destroy Bitcoin’s price to shake out ALL weak hands. Not just some…ALL.
2. Bring it down to a value where anyone can throw any amount at it and be satisfied with what they’ve accumulated.
3. Introduce Bitcoin en masse to the general public via platforms such as … Bakkt.
4. Allow the price to start rising again, thus eventually starting a new parabolic movement up.

We all know traditional markets are in a downturn right now, and that’s my other point.

What if Crypto not only becomes adopted mainstream in the coming years, but becomes the new stock market 2.0?

If you think about it, whales make peanuts in the stock market compared to what they could/do make in Crypto. ESPECIALLY being that it is still technically a brand new asset class. Liquidity isn’t there yet, so a whale could put $1M into a low market cap coin and cash out for hundreds of % in profit.

I feel like we’re looking at this all wrong. I don’t feel like Crypto will become *a* safe haven.

I feel like Crypto will become *the* safe haven. When stocks start nose diving, and the Crypto market is thriving, where do you think anyone with half a brain will put their money? Remember – these Crypto whales can fast track mainstream adoption if they truly wanted to. Maybe…Just maybe, that’s what they’re already doing.

1. Destroy the traditional markets while dumping Bitcoin.
2. Bitcoin bottoms while traditional markets are picking up mass sell momentum. (Check the charts, this happens often already)
3. Bitcoin and Crypto as a whole starts to rise again.
4. Super whales and institutions begin a mass marketing strategy meant to get grandpas to invest Bitcoin into their 401k.
5. Because of Bakkt, grandpas start making money.
6. Because grandpas are making money, word of mouth spreads fast. Next thing you know…

It’s a win win for literally everyone. We get to accumulate cheap, they get to accumulate cheap. They get to (yet again) keep control of our money because they are the majority shareholders of Bitcoin’s supply and can take the price wherever they want.

Bitcoin controls the ENTIRE Crypto scene right now, and always has.

Which means they can accumulate literally any Crypto they want in any amount they want.

How do you bring mainstream adoption to a new asset class that is highly volatile, while always being in control, while making shit tons of money?

Bitcoin. The timing of EVERYTHING just seems so … coincidental doesn’t it?

People, while you are panicking, someone is buying your bags, and for a reason. Remember that.

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