CryptoCurrency : So are we all just going to ignore that dApps are a meme that nobody cares about?

CryptoCurrency : So are we all just going to ignore that dApps are a meme that nobody cares about?

We’re all here because we believe “crypto is the future”. It’s going to disrupt the finance system as we know it, right?

The truth is we are all here to make money. Stop lying to yourself.

Please look at the amount of users who actually use dApps:



* Raised $25M in ICO
* 415 Daily Active Users


* Raised $153 million in ICO
* Claimed they were “hacked” for $13.5 million last month (inside job)
* 334 Daily Active Users


* Raised $64 million in ICO
* 107 Daily Active Users

**Kyber Network**

* Raised $60 million in ICO
* 84 Daily Active Users


* Raised $5 million ICO
* Took THREE YEARS to release it’s platform
* [](
* 32 Daily Active Users


* Raised $24 million in ICO
* 20 Daily Active Users

I know what everyone is going to say:

>You don’t understand. The technology is still in its infancy. They are at the beginning stages. You have to just give it time for it to grow. We are like the internet in 1995.

Right, this same meme we have heard time and time again. If any of you have actually developed and released an app on the AppStore or the Play Store, these numbers are absolutely abysmal. It is mind-blowing how so much money was thrown at these projects, and a year later, this is the output and numbers to show for the amount of money raised. This is insane.

Seriously. Even with $10,000-50,000 or so, you could EASILY run a social media campaign and get **WAY** more users. Where has all this money gone?

The reason why we are in a bear market and *will continue to be* is because at the current stages, cryptocurrency and its usage has **NO ADOPTION.** ***NOTHING.*** All these threads you see on here are complete nonsense.

“So and so believes it is the future”

“Bitcoin ATM spotted in bumfuck Alaska!”

“So and so is considering using blockchain technology”

By the way, “so and so” considering using blockchain means (*THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BE USING YOUR SHITCOIN*)

So, I am a bagholder of shitcoins just like all of you. But in 2018, no one has delivered.

You guys are sitting here thinking,

>when next bullrun, we bull run now? we bull?

Bull runs only happen when it is UNEXPECTED and we do not know what the outcome is or when the endpoint is. This is what causes the continued FOMO, because what is the top?

In this case we know the top is BTC at 20K. And we all have bags. And we all are now going, if this EVER goes on a run to 10K, I’m dropping my bags and rebuying. Guess what, if everyone is thinking like that, and there is no new money coming in, where is this bull run going to come from?!

You cannot expect a bull run is going to happen just because you want your bags to go up. Who is going to buy those bags, when every single shitcoin has not proven **ANYTHING?**

Maybe tomorrow or later this year, we will start to see some improvements. I honestly hope so. I want this all to thrive. But we have to get our heads out of the sand and realize what’s going on. These projects got millions and millions in funding, underdelivered, and DUMPED their Ethereum for **MILLIONS OF DOLLARS**. **MILLIONS OF DOLLARS**. While we baghold miserably waiting for other chumps to buy our coins (which as you can see, have 0 value).

At the same time, these projects **can’t be held accountable** because it is unregulated. We have no idea what they are doing with the funds. And they have barely any users.

So, if we can have an actual discussion about what should happen. Where is this supposed to pivot to and where should our focus be?

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