CryptoCurrency : “Take Tesla Private ICO”

CryptoCurrency : “Take Tesla Private ICO”

Elon Musk wants to take Tesla private and needs ~ $20 bn to do so. Since billions are leaving and entering the crypto market on a daily basis, why not take advantage of that and build a “Take Tesla Private ICO”. Doesn’t have to be a Tesla project, could be also a private fund, that acts on its own. See the idea as a DAO, that takes in ETH and buys voting TSLA shares on the stock exchanges. Then put the ICO token on Binance and other crypto exchanges with a high volume and let the people trade there. The private fund doesn’t have to be US based, could be Cayman island based as well (so it doesn’t have to answer to pesky US authorities).

What do you think? Pipe dream or am I onto something? Critique and additional ideas are welcome!

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