CryptoCurrency : The problem with some of the “blockchain” projects

CryptoCurrency : The problem with some of the “blockchain” projects

I am so done with those scammers, I had a really bad experience with unikoin

I signed up to unikrn a while ago because I was interested in betting on the blockchain. I know a bit about esports and I won most of the bets I did.

After just 2 days in the morning I tried looking at the last game results and it said I had no historical or pending bets. Funds withdrawal didn’t work either. So I tried in private tab mode, thinking that maybe something did not work properly on my side. Couldn’t log in there. So I tried logging out and logging in without private tab and could not log back in with an error asking me to contact support. So I suppose I got locked out of their platform.

I contacted support and I have to say they responded very quickly, but they were not able to tell me a reason (I wrote to Lukas B, who was very friendly, but still couldn’t help). They said they would try to solve “the problem” with their dev team. My big problem however was, that I couldn’t only not see my past bets or do any new ones, but since I got kicked out of their platform completely, I had no access to my funds at all. I am very anxious in this regard, because I had the same problem at another betting site and lost all my money. Thought those problems were solved with blockchain technology ☹ ). They solved this problem quite quickly after I threatened to go public with the problem.

Now, before I continue, you should know that their KYC process is the worst I have seen in the industry. It takes forever!

Now, last week (after some more won bets) they wrote me they checked my account and I needed to do some more extensive KYC. And again: They blocked access to all of my funds completely. I have done KYC, I have been playing and then they blocked me. And they want me to go through the KYC process all over again?!

I’m not sure, what I am expecting to get out of this reddit post, I guess want to see if this is a common problem at unikrn and anyone else has experienced this. I also wanted to make this public as early as possible, so I have the maximum time to react in case something goes really wrong. I am really annoyed and I start to think that all this “blockchain technology” stuff is just marketing blah-blah.

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