CryptoCurrency : The Roger Ver and Craig Wright situation is not helping any cause

CryptoCurrency : The Roger Ver and Craig Wright situation is not helping any cause

So hear me out,

I have been really frustrated about these two shitheads lately. I did not like BCH prior to the fork but everyone may have his or her opinion. The point is that almost everyone who is involved in cryptocurrency is getting slapped by these two.

The whole reason this fork shitfest is happening is to feed and circlejerk the ego’s of these two fake satoshi’s. No-one is benefitting from this except for themselves and the people who were smart enough to ride the wave upwards from the fork. Both have been found to have been talking a lot of shit in the past and lying about a lot of factors (lying about your academic title makes you look stupidest of all)and nobody cares apprently. Aside from that, BCHSV and BCHABC? Sounds like a dyslexic toddler with down syndrome came up with those names, aside from the fact they dont perticularly roll over the tongue anyway.


>Beyond just threatening, SV supporters have openly declared that they will use this superior hash power to attack BCHABC, exclusively mining empty blocks and repeatedly reorganizing its blockchain until supporters capitulate and the economic majority moves to SV.


Another genius example that indicates that these cowboys are trying to measure genitals and completely ignore the underlying nature and meaning of cryptocurrency; to create a widely used decentralised economy in which transactions are recorded in the blockchain (give or take).

This whole movement of hashpower and shit is unnecessary and only to throw shit at each other. I would encourage to enjoy the shitshow and not participate in it.

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