CryptoCurrency : This subreddit is 99% clickbait articles

CryptoCurrency : This subreddit is 99% clickbait articles

I liked the old “rate my portfolio” posts, but I know the mods don’t like them. I’m not trying to trample on other people’s feet but I’ve made a subreddit similar to r/ changemyview where people post why they like or dislike something and the people in the comments attempt to change their mind. But mine is for cryptocurrency r/changemycoin it’s not a replacement for r/ cryptocurrency because we still need the regular useful updates from projects but it’s a bit of a experiment.

I never thought I’d say this but I actually miss the brainless memes from the beginning of the year.

I know my opinion is nothing new a lot of people are frustrated with these media companies using this subreddit to spam their bullish or bearish articles but can we some how filter the sources and frequency that one website is aloud to be linked on this sub?

Also the tribalism doesn’t lead the an educated debate. Obviously some of us will disagree but it’s always the most immature arguments.

Maybe it can improve or maybe the cryptocurrency audience is just this pathetic!

The crypto memes subreddit didn’t do all that well so hopefully something with more substance will.

This sub is still the landing page for most new people in crypto and it’s becoming less and less useful

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