CryptoCurrency : Top 10 should look something like this…

CryptoCurrency : Top 10 should look something like this…

Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, XRP, Stellar, Cardano, Tether, Chainlink, Dash, EOS

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are just forks they belong in top 20 but not top 10 may change for Litecoin if Lightning Network becomes a big deal. Stellar and XRP I am not sure about these coins being used to facilitate global payments through banks, if they will be used they deserve top 10 listing. Monero is just hiding money I say it deserves to be ranked closer to top 20.

EOS I believe it is overvalued but if 4 billion is behind it it deserves a top 10 listing because of that alone. Cardano and IOTA have large foundations and universisites working with them and some of the biggest teams working on new infrastrucutre of economy which are huge projects.

Tether is just there because money should be stored in USD sometimes so crypto needs cash reserves and it shoudl be ranked top 3 actually. Ethereum and Bitcoin need no explanation. Dash I just needed to add one other I am not sure abut them but know its popular. Chainlink can be what the blockchain needs to communicate with companies outside the blockchain as well as on and I believe data sharing and transferring and communication will be the next big industry.

Thanks for reading if you have. Have a blessd day it;s just my opinion and I dont know every coins tech so be nice.

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