CryptoCurrency : WARNING: Substratum CEO Dumps Coins, Promotes Scam Icos and Lies.

CryptoCurrency : WARNING: Substratum CEO Dumps Coins, Promotes Scam Icos and Lies.

Questions for the Community to Judge. Devs to answer to.

* [Why is the CEO directly manipulating price and at the same time putting up sellwalls?](

* [](
Why does he have access to 800,000$ worth of tokens when all dev tokens are supposed to be locked until product release ? What is the point of having locked tokens if you have a “private stash”? how many tokens did they own/sell?

* Render Payments – [Recent ICO Exit Scam](
What’s the connection you ask? Substratum has tried to wash their hands clean and delete any connection with this partnership.
a) [Substratum ICO = 5m$ worth is directly funded by render payments]( , with their ICO only raising 13m that is close to 38% of their ICO funds.
b) [Substratum Shills their new partners in the comments]( and [site]( render payments proceeds to dump their tokens on them.

>”Thanks for believing in substratum”- Justin tabb CEO.

* The “under the table deal” that happened between these two raised suspicions as to why they would bypass the smart contract. It seems like Substratum was paid in cash.
note the timelines in 2017
**Substratum ICO . aug 14- sept 14** (render pays them 5 million dollars)
**Render ICO. – oct 15- nov 30** (ico raised 77,000$)
Are you telling me these people who nobody knows about had 5 million usd to invest in sub, and then do an ICO themselves one month later to raise 77k?? And nobody questions this?

* [61.82% of Substratum “decentralized internet” Tokens Are Still Owned By The Devs]( Any plans to get rid of some tokens? you promised to burn 41% of total supply. You had 17mos to send them to the eth 0 address.

* Why have **ALL** your partnerships in the last 19 mos been failures or lies?

1. [lies about current clients to hype ICO](
2. [lies about the NCF partnership](
3. lies claiming to have another 5m$ anonymous private investor in their second ICO when they can barely raise 11,000$ from the community. Forgive me for being skeptic, I did not forget the last time you claimed to have a 5m$ investor.

* Why post in Here?because Censorship []( <- this investor concern was removed yesterday.
* They Claim to be the most Trustworthy [Background History Check]( and [Gullible Investors Questions Sell Walls]( and [again](, When their Whale CEO and render has been dumping on them for months.

Hope I kept it objective (facts and links are there for you to verify)


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