CryptoCurrency : Why aren’t VPN based projects more prolific?

CryptoCurrency : Why aren’t VPN based projects more prolific?

I’m going through a personal renaissance as it pertains to what projects I even remotely believe in or support. That really only equates to 3 big-boy coins, and any small coin that has a working product or no-brainer use case.

It seems to me a VPN service integrated with a currency for anonymous payments should be a no brainer with instant customers.

I know of a handful of projects that do just that, but they’re all underdeveloped and way down the list by market cap.

What is the big hinderance to their growth and adoption? It seems to me in the current climate people are greatly interested in private and unregulated access to the internet without fear of a government knocking down the door to their VPN for their logs and customer info.

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