CryptoCurrency : XRP investors, the scholars of the crypro market

CryptoCurrency : XRP investors, the scholars of the crypro market

It’s official, the crypro market is still extremely immature and speculation-driven, and most investors are still completely unaware of the real-world utiliy Ripple has in the pipe for XRP. When bitconnect went up 100% yesterday and XRP is now under $.40, it is clear that the average Joe investor is simply throwing darts at a computer screen and or is chasing crypro-news reports like a dog chases a frisbee and has not yet discovered or researched big-daddy-XRP. And frankly, I’m fine with that; I actually prefer it that way. If the market blesses us with an opportunity to accumulate more XRP for less, before XRP’s mighty hammer of utility drops, so be it.

It’ll be quite the awakening to many though, when the first bank starts using XRapid end of this year and dozens in 2019. And when SBI VC starts utilizing XRP to run their forex trading, pumping the volume, as well many of their consortium of 61 banks eventually running XRapid, many still won’t even have a clue what’s going on. When XRP overtakes BTC by market cap in 2019, off of sheer utility alone, your average investor will probably be blind-sided and still thinking XLM is “direct competition” to XRP.

When a majority of the market is still focused on coinbase, who makes up only about 12% of the world’s BTC exchange volume, and getting excited over them debating about possibly, maybe, hypothetically, adding some digital assets in the future, you know the market is still extremely uneducated to the potential of the XRP, that’s real utility is right around the corner. And when you see news articles about BTC needing to go to $200k to perform the duty of word-currency, when we’ve all witnessed first-hand how BTC litterally becomes unusable as a currency at $20k, you know a majority of the market is still completely in the dark and has no idea that XRP is poised to be the digital bridge-asset to the world.

But for the XRP holder, we’re an informed lot, we’ve done our own research and have looked beyond the FUD. All the constant weekly, even daily good news for Ripple and XRP is just common knowledge and is another day in the life of an XRP investor. We know that big-daddy-Ripple is chugging away behind the scenes, like the little engine that could, building liquidity, adding XRP on exchanges as primary asset and base currency, getting ready to bring XRapid prime-time and making those sweet, sweet partnerships that will ultimately result in the increased utility of XRP.

Let a majority of retail crypro investors put their hope and money in an asset that is litterally non-functional as designed, is controlled by China, and uses more power to secure the network than Greenland, smart money has done the research and knows which asset will be the ultimate champion. If the rest of the market fails to do their research and misses the boat, due to being distracted with chasing superficial pumps or buying into purposeful FUD, all it means it a chance for us, knowledgeable investors to accumulate more XRP for less as finances allow, while we wait for the real-world utility of XRP hit the fan. It might be a month, 3 months or a year but sooner than later the market will come to know XRP, and in a big way. And when that time happens, there is no time machine to go back to the days before the world came to recognize the power of the XRP. Boom, baby, BOOM BOOM!

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