CryptoCurrency : XYO IS GOING LIVE!!!!

CryptoCurrency : XYO IS GOING LIVE!!!!

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This Friday, at exactly 9:29 am PST, we want you to do something. Set your alarm for it, because this is non-negotiable. We’re gearing up for an EPIC event in the bright, bold XYO cryptographic blockchain multiverse, and we want you to be a part of it.
Here are your instructions.
When that alarm goes off this Friday, (safely) stop what you’re doing. Think about where you are right at that moment — and really remember it. Mentally catalog what you’re wearing. How you’re feeling. Lock all of this into your mind for the future. Because somewhere, sometime — at Spatial, at your job or at home, when you’re with your bio family or especially your XYO family — you WILL be asked these questions:
Where were you when XYO tokens were finally available to the world?
Where were you when XYO went huge on exchanges?
Where were you when XYO went LIVE on LATOKEN?
That’s right. We’re going live on LATOKEN.
This Friday, at 9:30 am PST, XYO tokens will finally be available via one of the world’s top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges. And we’re even holding a live AMA — “LATOKEN Takeoff”, and including a walkthrough video, at that very time, to show you how to maneuver the LATOKEN website. We want to make this like butter — as simple and easy as possible.

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