Ethereum : 1 ETH/block (eip-858) + disable current gen ASICs + delay bomb

Ethereum update: 1 ETH/block (eip-858) + disable current gen ASICs + delay bomb

As Vitalik has [pointed out](/r/ethereum/comments/91zbgq/lets_have_a_frank_discussion_about_casper_ffgs/e32l8k0/) the main reason for moving to POS (Casper) is the long term sustainability of consensus. While Casper has been delayed we have the opportunity to still take concrete steps towards this now by reducing the issuance to 1 ETH/block. Other suggestions mention 2eth/block but these do not go far enough and squander an important opportunity. The opportunity is both the need for delaying the difficulty bomb and also the likelihood that **any** issuance reduction should be accompanied by at least disabling ASICs currently on the network.

Ethereum absolutely dominates gpu mining and single handedly affected the economics of the gpu market, stimulating demand and production of GPUs whose affect is not to increase security but rather the supply of potential attackers. It is counterproductive to pay them so much!

Or forget the environmental arguement, or the security argument. 1 eth/block is more inline with [inflation curve](/r/ethereum/comments/5izcf5/lets_talk_about_the_projected_coin_supply_over/dbc66rd/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=usertext&utm_name=ethereum&utm_content=t1_e36fir7) that the community supports.

Don’t settle for 2eth/block.

**Edit.** My understanding of the ASIC issue is naive. I assumed it would be possible to disable current ASICs to the benefit of GPU miners and that this offered them a compelling quid pro quo. On that issue I defer to those who understand the situation more. Regardless a move to 1eth/block is warranted.

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