Ethereum : 12 AMD + Windows 10 (1706) + 32gb RAM help

Ethereum update: 12 AMD + Windows 10 (1706) + 32gb RAM help

I’ve been trying to get this 12 GPU rig to work. I used to have 6 and added another 6 but afterwards I cannot get the machine to mine in Claymore or any miners for that matter.

* OS: Windows 10 (1706 build)
* Memory: 32gb
* CPU: G4400
* Cards: 12 Vega 56 (6 Sapphire, 6 Asus)
* Virtual memory: over 80gb paging size
* HDD: SSD and a separate HDD
* PSU: 2x 1000w and 1x 750w
* Board: Asus B250 Mining Expert
* Risers: Powered
* Bios: all cards are bios modded to Vega 64 and using power straps

I have DDU and tried several different drivers (17.11.1, 17.11.4, 18.4.1) because the blockchain drivers does not support over 8 cards.

Several issues that came and went: cannot build openCL (this was gone after I did a fresh Windows install) and the current error is a reboot during “create GPU buffer for GPU#”.

What am I doing wrong? Not enough power? Has anyone gotten this to work on Windows 10 with Vega cards? I’ve seen people having very similar setups that work but they are not using Vega cards.

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