Ethereum : ~12Mh/s with an RX470

Ethereum update: ~12Mh/s with an RX470

Hey! I’ve been mining for far too long without fixing this, but my RX470 is severely underperforming and I’m looking for help. Backround info:

* I have not modified my BIOS.
* [ I’m on the latest driver version]( (18.8.1)
* I’m using MSI Afterburner with [these]( OC settings
* My Card looks like [this]( idle according to GPU-Z
* I’m using the latest version of Claymore’s dual miner. (11.8)
* My bat files looks like [this](

[This]( is what Claymore’s Dual Miner looks like. You can see the hashes.

Any advice on what to do? Shitty card or user error?


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