Ethereum : 1350W spikes on HX1200i – is it safe?

Ethereum update: 1350W spikes on HX1200i – is it safe?

I’ve been trying to consolidate my rigs, and have tried to run 6x Vega 56s, with pp mod, 900MHz p3 mem, 1407MHz P7, on my HX1200i (nothing else attached, the mobo and 5x Vega 56s are on another HX1200i, and running well below max)

Everything is more or less fine (seemingly). It consistently draws 1080-1100W from the wall (according to power meter on plug and Corsair link 4) with a few spikes every minute of 1350W average (1300-1400W). I’ve generally stuck to the rule of 80% max load for continuous 24/7, and at 1080W I’m already at 90%. Again that’s ‘power in’ not ‘power out’

Is it safe to have it spike over the max load of 1200W regularly or am I making a big mistake here?

PSU temp reported as 38.5C, fan 1100rpm.

I also have an AX1200i I’d considered swapping in, as it has slightly better internals, but not sure it would make any difference

Your thoughts and feedback are appreciated!


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