Ethereum : 8x RX580 Quickly losing hashing power after boot

Ethereum update: 8x RX580 Quickly losing hashing power after boot

Hi all

I recently upgraded my claymore version due to the DAG issue, and also jus moved my cards from one crappy rig set up to a better one.

I made sure to keep all the PCIE inputs the same as it was before, and all OC settings are the same, though some cards will quickly lose hash power after the miner starts, some cards start at 15, and slowly drop to around 5/6 while some start at 30 and work their way down. one or two cards stay mining around 30MH/s as they were before

any ideas what could be causing this?

I have tried a different miner so i do not think it is claymore, though i have also tried running one card at a time and it doesnt seem to be related to power issues either.


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