Ethereum : Add2PSU killing my power supplies? What am I doing wrong?

Ethereum update: Add2PSU killing my power supplies? What am I doing wrong?

Hi guys. I having a weird problem, going on for a few months an am up to four PSUs now, they keep dying.

Then plan is, for a 7 card rig, to use one 1000w corsair and one 650W corsair. I connect the motherboard, a H110 BTC pro, and everything to the main 1000w power supply. I also have to connect some molex cables to the motherboard around the PCi slots or it won’t boot.

It boots with one power supply

Now the problem is that I’m using an add2PSU chip thing and it seem like the smaller power supply just gets killed every time. The add2PSU unit requires a molex cable from the main power supply, which I assume goes into the “perif” slot on the main PSU. What invariably happens is that the smaller PSU will not start and then fails a paperclip test.

Here are the details on how everything is connected.

**1000w PSU**

Vga1 : 1 gpu rx580

Vga2: 1 gpu rx580

Vga3 : 1 gpu rx580

Vga4 : 1 gpurx580

sata1 : riser power for 2 gpus

sata2 : riser power for 2 gpus

Sata3: Ssd power

Cpu1 : cpu power

cpu2 : nothing

Perif : Add2PSU thing and motherboard pcie slot power.

**650w PSU**

Vga1 : 1 gpu

Vga2: 2 gpus

sata 1 : 2 risers

sata 2 : 1 riser

sata 3: Nothing

Perif : Nothing for now.

Two questions:

1) Have you had this problem with add2PSU?

2) How am I supposed to connect BOTH add2PSU AND molex for
to the PCIe slots if the PSU only has one perif slot?

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