Ethereum : ALLCRRYTPOALARM: Set pricealarms for 1400 Coins and Fiats

Ethereum update: ALLCRRYTPOALARM: Set pricealarms for 1400 Coins and Fiats

Hey Guys, so I spend the last few months building [ALLCRYPTOALARM](, an **MAC OS** App that helps you keep track of your Crypto prices and gives you the easy possibility to set price alarms for any two of the **1400** Coins and Fiats supported.

Yes, 1400. Compare anything.

for those curious: [](

I am posting here to reach an audience that:

1. is actually in need of such a tool. I hope I offer you an App that improves your daily trading. With [ALLCRYPTOALARM]( also hope to be giving something back to the community. Thank you!
2. is willing to give me Feedback and critique. I am rather **new to coding** and this is my **first project** where I am actually proud to put my name under. So any critique, be it just a simple **bug** or a (constructive) **rant** about the UX, i would be very happy to receive! Thank you for your time.

In a nutshell:

* supports over **1400** **Coins**
* supports **USD, EUR, AUD, JPY, GBP, CAD**
* set/edit/delete alarms for any two Coins/Fiats

And that’s that. Thanks for your time. Have a **magnificent** day!!

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