Ethereum : ASUS B250 Mining Expert all of sudden stops recognizing all 12 GTX 1060’s I have plugged in it

Ethereum update: ASUS B250 Mining Expert all of sudden stops recognizing all 12 GTX 1060’s I have plugged in it

I’m sharing this here to vent for one and in case there is a larger scale problem that I’m unaware of and someone else is going through the same thing, we can find each other. I’ll apologize in advance for lack of brevity but I can’t stand the threads that people make saying “uh my GPU stopped working, why? Anyone know how to fix? Thanks” For those looking to make a thread asking for help, see the details I’ve listed out below. This is how you ask for help.

Background info: I’m extremely technical. I’ve had this particular rig running smoothly for about 5 months. I’m running:


* Windows 10 Ent x64 (Updated to latest rollup v1803)
* Phoenix miner 2.5d
* MSI AfterBurner for OC purposes
* NVIDIA v397.93 win10x64 GPU Drivers
* Awesome Miner Remote service (+claymore’s remote manager Ethman – All for monitoring purposes)


* ASUS B250 Mining Expert (BIOS flashed at latest 4/12/2018 v1010)
* 12x EVGA GTX 1060 6GB GPU’s
* EVGA 850 Bronze (for mobo power and ancillary 4pin molex power for pcie’s)
* HP 1200w server PSU (for powering the 12 EVGA GTX 1060 6gb cards)
* Corsair vengeance lpx 8gb dd4 c13 RAM (1x)
* Intel BX80677G3930 7th Gen Celeron CPU

Last night I had issues with this rig. For some reason the mining cmd window would fill up w/ random CUDA related errors and crash. I couldn’t get it to stay up more than 10 minutes. If I just sat there remotely and restarted the script every time it crashed, eventually, it would reach stability and mine for hours. After deciding to really fix it, I started in safe mode, DDU’d all my drivers+CUDA, and reinstalled. Same problem. I reset the PC with the Win10 Reset so it would reinstall the OS but keep all my files. Once completed, I updated from Win10v 1709 to 1803 update. I installed all prereq software and drivers and got the rig up and running again very smoothly I might add. It ran for at least an hour straight with max hashrates and no issues at all. I went to bed and woke up to the rig completely shut down. I started it back up, it ran the miner for a few minutes when I noticed there was an OS related update pending reboot. I went ahead and rebooted. The update did not install and was still pending reboot. I disregarded and attempted to start up my script again. This time, no cards were recognized and nothing in device manager. No biggie, it’s happened before on other rigs and a reboot usually resolves. I rebooted, still nothing. Again, still no cards. Again but in front the rig w/ a monitor so I could see the ASUS boot screen which shows you what cards are online and which aren’t. All slots were red. Well, the possibility of all my cards dying at once without a thunderstorm (everything is surge protected) were pretty slim in my mind so I figure it has to be the power cable to the board that powers the sets of PCIE slots. I replaced it, still no go. I plugged the new cable into a new PSU, still no cards seen. I unplugged everything, reset CMOS and plugged everything back then booted up, still NO CARDS. At this point I can only deduce that the issue is either software related to the OS and/or update or something shorted out all the risers maybe. I did try a new riser and it did not make any difference, the cards were still not recognized.

Anyone having any similar issues as of late? Any possible issues/solutions that I’m just not seeing? My next step is going to be removing updates and then resetting the OS again if that doesn’t work. If none of those work I can only assume that the board is faulty. I will test some of the cards on another rig to ensure they are functional but I’m fairly certain they are fine. The actual risers themselves are also all lit up and showing as being powered, along with all my PSU’s powering the cards and everything else. Frustrating. I’m open to any ideas or speculation at this point.

EDIT: Seems that the risers all died at the same time without fully frying. Replacing them resolves. GO FIGURE.

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