Ethereum : ASUS P104-100 is a BIOS-gimped GTX1080 Turbo

Ethereum update: ASUS P104-100 is a BIOS-gimped GTX1080 Turbo

This thread contains both a question and PSA for all the owners of the ASUS P104-100 4GB Mining GPU. We have analyzed the PCB and ended up with the conclusion it’s mostly a BIOS-gimped TURBO-GTX1080-8G with some minor changes but differs greatly from all the official specifications.


* 8GB of GDDR5X of which half are disabled via BIOS
* PCI-E 1.1 X4 enforced with BIOS, true hardware form PCI-E 3.0 X16
* Display engine has been disabled with BIOS, the I/O ports are actually mechanically functional
* 1920 CUDA cores instead of the default 2560

Now, the GPU seems to refuse any and every attempt of flashing it with the Turbo’s BIOS ROM with nvflash, prompting three different ID mismatches. How does one overcome this?


Hoping to flash it to unlock its full potential, possibly dramatically increasing mining rates for the future. Any ideas?

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