Ethereum : Asus RX580 Dual OC 8gb Bios Mod

Ethereum update: Asus RX580 Dual OC 8gb Bios Mod

So i bought a few used RX580 8gb GPUs from a miner, and i believe his bios mod are bad on a few of them as i get an “incorrect share. If you see this warning often make sure you did not overclock it too much!” But I believe he hard coded the memory settings into the bios mod, so i can’t change it with my miner (claymore). So i was wondering if anyone had either the original Asus RX580 Dual OC Bios, or a modded version for it? An in depth google search did not return much. I have HYNIX memory on them, and everything i found online was for Samsung memory GPU’s. Any help would be appreciated!

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