Ethereum : Can Private Data be associated with and store in an eth wallet?

Ethereum update: Can Private Data be associated with and store in an eth wallet?

Websites tend to use the same information over and over and over again (like birthdays, emails, transcripts, logins, state ID #s, passwords, ects). Sadly, you can not create profiles to get needed services without this information that is then resold. Recently, I found all my private information aggregated into a public website (r/ that had been collected through the 3rd party website and cookies. It scared me. 

I have also been using MetaMask, and I have to say, it has has a great UI. it is so easy to log into a eth blockchain website, like crypto kitties, and just click the MetaMask icon in the browser to login with my eth address or open my wallet to send funds. 

My question is, could there a way where this private information described in the first paragraph can be kept safe in my eth wallet? Where instead of adding all this information into every and each website creating new logins, can I just login with my eth address? Since most website do not run on the eth blockchain, would this be impossible to have this type of interaction with an app extension like MetaMask? Would there be a way to externally view private information (like birthdays and physical addresses) from the blockchain or associate this information with an eth address and use only that address? 

If you all know of any people working on projects like this, I would love to be pointed in the direction of their development. Thank you all!

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