Ethereum : Can’t get my ETH ledger adress on

Ethereum update: Can’t get my ETH ledger adress on


1. I purchased a ledgers nano s.

I plugged it and configured it normally and I created two adresses with Ledger Live app :

* one for Ethereum
* one for Ripple

I transfered cryptop correctly for these two adresses today.

2. I can plug my ledger nano s into Augur app and see my ETH balance correctly

3. I wanted to use the ledger with to get some ERC20 tokens, I followed this procedure : [](

but I can’t see my ETH adress into ==> I see many others adresses but not which I used to transfer my ETH first.

4. I tried to restart my computer to be sure that no other app running using my ledger, but problem stayed.

Note : If I connect using chrome app “Ledger wallet ethereum”, my balance is 0 ETH (like my real ETH used address is not recognized)

Note 2: I can continue deposit et withdraw to/from my ledger ETH adress

Any suggestions please ?

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