Ethereum : Claymore Miner Error: GPU1, OpenCL error -36

Ethereum update: Claymore Miner Error: GPU1, OpenCL error -36

Hi guys, I need your help to fix my 6GPU mining rig. When I run the start.bat file it keeps on saying Error 36 or Cannot build OpenCL program for GPU1.

Here’s what I did so far but nothing changed:

1. Changed the paging file size to 20000 mb or 35000 mb
2. Added -eres 0 in the start.bat file


4GB RAM Kingston HyperX Fury

Biostar TB250 BTC-PRO

1 x 550W, 1 x 850W EVGA Supernova Gold

1 x RX580 MSI Armor 8gb (GPU0)

1 x RX580 Sapphire 8gb (GPU1)

1 x RX580 Gigabyte Aorus 8gb (GPU2)

1 x GTX1070 Gigabyte G1 8gb (GPU3)

2 X GTX1070 Palit 8gb (GPU4/5)

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