Ethereum : Configure M.2 Adapter in the Asus Z270-A Prime Motherboard

Ethereum update: Configure M.2 Adapter in the Asus Z270-A Prime Motherboard

Hi, I just bought the EXPLOMOS M.2 Key M NGFF to PCI-E 4X Adapter Card, 4 PIN Power Cable (2 Pack)

My rig has 7 cards by now, I want to add the 8th one using the M.2 adapter.

1. Which settings should I change in the BIOS?
2. Some people says I shouldn’t connect the 4 pin cable and some other says I should connect it. Do you have experience with this adapter? (I think so)
3. Which M.2 port should I use?
4. If I have 2 risers connected to a molex cable, should I connect the M.2 adapter to the same cable? (In case question 2 is affirmative).
5. I’ve read there are some conflicts between the sata port where my SDD is connected to and the M.2 adapter. Is this true?

I appreciate any recommendations you can give me.

Update: I connected the M.2 adapter to the M.2_1 port without connecting the 4 pin cable and it worked perfectly! Also, I selected the PCI-E mode in the BIOS and just connected my RX580 card. It worked fine without issues.

Also, I didn’t have any conflicts with my sata SSD disk.

Thank you everyone for your help!

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