Ethereum : Don’t know what I am doing wrong

Ethereum update: Don’t know what I am doing wrong

Hello folks. I got one Asus Rog Strix RX580 8GB (Samsung Mem) that is providing 26 – 27 MH/s. I followed some guides on bitcointalk and here reddit to apply bios changes. I copied 0:1750 starps to 0:2000 straps as excatly both guides refered. (I saved original bios just in case).

If go higer than 1960 Memory Mhz than about 100 Gpu memory errors occurs. If I push it to 2250 Mhz, it crashed and nothing more than black screen.

I am so stucked about getting 30Mh/s from this GPU. Is there any advise that you can give me?

Pictures are taken after bios mod:


[Overclock Settings](

[GPU-Z ](

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