Ethereum : Dump Question about GPU Memory Errors

Ethereum update: Dump Question about GPU Memory Errors

Hello folks.

I have to Asus Rog Strix Rx580 8G. Even their memories (Samsung) are identical, somehow they have different overclock.

First one is providing 28 – 29 Mh/s with memory error rate 1 error in 3 minutes

Second one is providing 30 Mh/s with memory error rate 1 error in one minute.

What is the limit of gpu error rate that I should begin to worry and take action to reduce it?

When does it start to affect my income by stale shares?

Here is their overclock settings:

||GPU Clock|GPU Volt|Memory Clock|Memory Volt|
|28 – 29 Mh/s (0.3 error/m)|1180 Mhz|850 mV|1970 Mhz|875 mV|
|30 Mh/s (1 error/m)|1200 Mhz|875 mV|2125 Mhz|900 mV|

**P.S: They are both bios modded to 1750 starps.**

Adding GPUZ screenshot. Maybe those would give more information.

[28 – 29 Mh/s](

[30 Mh/s](

Any guidance would be great. Thanks in advance.

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