Ethereum : Eth mine lost performance

Ethereum update: Eth mine lost performance

Hi all,

I am looking for tips to get the performance of my mine back to 168 mh/s.

I have six amd msi 8gig gpus and run them using claymore miner. I am apart of the nanopool and have set my msi after burner to the following settings:
Core volt +37
Power limit -5
Temp limit 70
Core clock (MHz) 1150
Memory clock 2250
Fan speed 55%

In July my mine started to get a DAG file error and to resolve this issue I had to increase my virtual memory from 16,000 to 40,000. Once I did this my mine started to work again but with very bad performance. I now only get 13.8 mh/s for each gpu which totals 83.4.

If anyone has tips for me to get my performance back to 28-30 mh/s per gpu I would greatly appreciate that!

Thank you!

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