Ethereum : Ethermine pool send wrong data?

Ethereum update: Ethermine pool send wrong data?

I’m mining for more then a year now with 3 different miner at the same location.

Am I the only one getting memory access (error700) on Phoenixminer since epoch 236?
The 3 different miner fall at the exact same time almost 2h ago.
I have 570 4Gb and 1060 6Gb (so it isn’t memory related)
Tryed without OC same error.
Tryed Claymore and Ethminer, both give same error pool send wrong data, cannot set epoch. (Asia, US, eu server same problem)
I’m not at home so I can’t try a different pool.

But the ethermine pool seems to be at a steady hash rate.

Will delete post after a few answer.

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