Ethereum : Ethermine to Kraken fees

Ethereum update: Ethermine to Kraken fees

I’ve recently noticed that the deposited amounts from my payouts to Kraken do not match up.

After doing a little digging, it seems that the payment goes to a splitting contract for Kraken and a second, much higher, transfer fee is paid.

This is a bit of a pain, because Ethermine and Kraken say they pay the fees/don’t charge fees, yet I’ve paid as much as 6% of the amount just to transfer.

I’m assuming this is a decision made on Kraken’s end to distribute their incoming funds? They should really be more transparent about the fact that they’re going to steal your coin..

To illustrate what I mean:

Payout of 0.05018ETH to my Kraken Address. 1 GWei fee paid.[](

Payment of 0.04706ETH from Kraken contract to my wallet. 91.16Gwei (0.00282ETH) fee.


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