Ethereum : Expert Help Needed Very Weird Problem

Ethereum update: Expert Help Needed Very Weird Problem

Some of you may be familiar with me here with multiple problems I encounter:)

Recently I have gone through another problem which I’d like to consult to experts like you.

One of my rigs (8 RX580 with OC running on 2 gold standard 850w Thermaltake PSUs, an SSD and 4 GB RAM) which ran smoothly except the times I burnt 2 SATA powers that power the risers due to heat:) I solved the heat problem, bought a portable AC which blows directly on the riser 17 C degrees right now and the room is around 30-32 C during afternoon where the room takes direct sunlight but the windows are covered with white paper.

The very same rig worked 4 days straight as you can see from the screenshot I take from my miner dashboard. It stopped working around 7 am in the morning today. The rig is at my dad’s office and I taught him how to reboot the rig and I connect via teamviewer just to activate overclock and start mining.

I tried multiple times during the day, as you could see from the screenshot above, and the rig kept freezing. I went to his office this afternoon and saw no physical discrepancies. Everytime I tried to start claymore, I saw an instant freezing which annoyed me. For only once I saw BSOD and ”Video Memory Management Interval” fault.

I thought maybe switching to Phoenix Miner could solve (I always wanted to try because of good comments, anyway) my problem. I downloaded and set Phoenix Miner 3.0c.

I start my computer and detect all 8 cards in device manager. And I can activate overclock in 8 of those with my bat.file.

I start Phoenix Miner and it starts with 4 cards. Maybe I should say here that 4 cards are on SATA cable and other 4 cards are another SATA cable that power only risers. When setting the best values for those 4 cards, Phoenix miner tries to optimize other 4 cards and now this is my bottleneck. My rig can mine for a minute and freezes here.

I think if I damaged the cable again, I wouldn’t be able to detect cards in device manager, that happened before. And also the cards start exactly how they are supposed to when I boot my computer. All fans rotate, and when windows boot up, they all simultaneously stop; just how it is in my other 2 rigs. And if the cards were unable to be detected, I never could overclock them and I encountered no error at that step too.

I’m stuck at this point and ask for your help. It may be a disorganized text as I wanted to throw every piece of information over you, so please be merciful:)


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