Ethereum : Fomo3D web interface looks hacked

Ethereum update: Fomo3D web interface looks hacked

The web interface for Fomo3D (or looks hacked. https is broken (screenshot here — and if you overscroll at the bottom, you’ll see a pepe meme snorting something with a bear on his head (screenshot here —

You probably should not use this web interface.

note: I changed the `position` on the pepe CSS element from negative to zero to show the image on the site. To reproduce just go to the bottom of the site and try to scroll past the bottom.

EDIT: Overscroll apparently isn’t a feature in firefox, just chrome. You can inspect the page, look for the div tag with class=’animation’. The bottom of this element is -155px. If you change this to 0px instead, you’ll see the meme.

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