Ethereum : Giving dual mining a try and it looks good at +9% profit

Ethereum update: Giving dual mining a try and it looks good at +9% profit

Hi! I’ve been here 8 months now, hearing mainly about the doom of dual mining, but I want to show you something. I set up a SMART wallet on Ubuntu 16 mining rig (2×1070 + 4×1060), where I was mining at +1300mem for 154Mh/s, then using this Claymore config, getting pleasant and even profitable results.

$ bash ethsmart

ethsmart file:

-epsw x
-dpool stratum+tcp://
-dcoin keccak
-tstop 72,72,72,72,72,72
-tstart 64,64,64,64,64,64
-dcri 7
-allpools 1
-gser 4

I’ve got the 1060s on 90W and the 1070s on 100W. Have only lost 8Mh/s of ETH, and SMART is hashing at 342Mh/s.

[See calculation on WhatToMine](

The iOS calculator I use tends to be on the mark, but I’m ahead of solo ETH mining by **9% more with dual mining**.

I hope this helps. May the force be with us.

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