Ethereum : Going to have grey hairs after this one

Ethereum update: Going to have grey hairs after this one

**TL;DR to fix the issue where your miner is stuck at main ethereum pool**

Your windows installation most likely updated itself to the 1803 windows version this is the spring creators update, you can check by using win key and searching about this pc (THANKS TO u/relephants) and you must revert back to the ***1709 version of windows!*** If your update was within 10 days, you can revert through settings, or you can download a windows 10 fall creators update iso and do a clean install. **IT WILL NOT WORK IF YOU JUST RESET THE PC, IT MAY REMOVE YOUR ABILITY TO REVERT.**

The rig is a 6 card vega 64 rig, it was running claymore miner fine for 3 months, then there was a power outage where I lived and when I restarted windows the picture below was what greeted me. I have tried everything I can think of but most of the things I have seen on Reddit and other forums have the miner stopping after the cards are recognized. If you’ve experienced this before and you were able to fix it I would love to know! Even if its something I’ve already tried if it worked for you I’ll try it again.

I have tried:

-clearing CMOS resetting bios (of mobo) (thanks to Yusuf-Misbah for the suggestion)

-changing power plan settings (pcie power management is off, min cpu state = 5%, never turn off screen, never sleep)

-hdmi cable plugged into mobo, or the card with in the 16x slot

-disabling and re-enabling windows defender

-turning off all overclock via overdrivetool-removing all but one card (all cards are recognized no errors in device manager)

-turning on+off crossfire/ulps

-removing the environment parameters

-ddu + reinstalling the beta blockchain drivers

-installed windows updates

-resetting windows

-reinstalling windows from a windows installation media

-using the v10.6 as well as 11.3-11.9 claymore miners (I didn’t upgrade claymore miner on any of my rigs between 10.6 and 11.3 cuz i was lazy af)

-replacing all risers+usb cables

-directly putting a single card on the 16x slot

-enabling and disabling single cards in the device manager

-reinstalling drivers using device manager after using ddu

-various different parameters for claymore miner, intensity (ethi), start up serialization (gser), low intensity mode (li), low intensity DAG generation mode (lidag), target temperature (tt), spamming s after miner launches out of frustration ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

currently the windows version is windows 10 pro version 1803 build 17134.165there is 16 gb of ram and 60gb of virtual memory on a 240 gb ssd

my bios settings have 4g enabled, internal graphics as the primary graphics, XMP disabled

ps. the miner doesn’t freeze, scrolling still works and the blinking line continues blinking… The log file shows the exact same thing

edit 1: have also tried resetting bios to default while using just a single card, enabling 4g decoding after bios wipe while still using one card, and all tests are done with 5 min of letting the start.bat stay open… 1709 os is downloading … stay tuned

edit 2: thanks to u/relephant ! Reinstalled windows using the fall creator update iso, reinstalling blockchain drivers and using claymore v11.9 works perfectly! Remember you have to set the virtual memory and power settings again after reinstall!

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