Ethereum : GPU not longer detected, fans don’t spin, LED on

Ethereum update: GPU not longer detected, fans don’t spin, LED on

2 of my rx 580s on my 3 card rig with modded bios stopped working after running for 8 months (yes I started in January.. woo me). Not detected in device manager, fans do not spin, but LEDs are on. They have never went over 70 degrees celcius and 50% fan speed. My worry is if I attempt to send as is, they will void warranty once they see the modded bios.


I have tried the following: DDU, switching pcie connections, checking wires attached correctly, swapped into another fully functional computer (same issue not detected), reset cmos, disable igfx in mobo bios, fresh windows 10 install, mobo bios update, windows 10 update, attempted to download amd driver but it couldn’t find a amd gpu.

Atiwinflash would tell me “Cannot find discrete gpu”

atiflash dos says error adapter not found


additional info: asus maximus hero mobo, evga supernova psu, 8gb corsair ddr, windows 10

am I screwed?

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