Ethereum : GPUs appear in Overdrive, but not supported?

Ethereum update: GPUs appear in Overdrive, but not supported?

Hello all,

My motherboard recently died (just out of warrenty). I bought the same one and set up my rig with everything else exactly the same. However, now I have odd issues. Overdrive will see my GPUs but it says theyre not supported. Secondly, my RX 580 just shows up as “VGA” on the Radeon settings and none of the other GPUs are there.
My motherboard is a Gigabyte HA110-D3a.


I have read the FAQ.
I have tried to using both DDU and AMD driver uninstaller.
I installed both the newest drivers and the ones released in December 2018.
I have both tried enabling mining mode and disabling. Interestingly, when I enable mining mode, windows will not boot and the computer goes into the bios screen only. In the past, I never used mining mode and was able to set up all of my GPUs.


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