Ethereum : Has anyone even brought up Republic governance to vitalik yet?

Ethereum update: Has anyone even brought up Republic governance to vitalik yet?

Vitalik asked the open community those 7 questions and one of them is how are we suppose to democratize governance in the DAO space.. My question is why is governance always assumed democratic? Politics are a murky (and for some reason sensitive) space and I really don’t mind if some people hate on the post, I just want to raise the question; That being, wouldn’t these DAOs be less susceptible to plutocracy if there was fragmented state and federal governance with checks and balances as described in the Federalist Papers? I don’t want to be that guy who says Democracy doesn’t work but, in the physical world it doesn’t work and I think coders are starting to figure this out. I’m just not aware how strongly political logic translates into coding because it likely differs by nature. Please don’t hate if you can help it, I just want to plant the idea into this space. I’m just a simpleton who knows a lot more about political governance than coding.

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