Ethereum : [Help needed] Insuffucient funds when trying to withdraw token from a contract

Ethereum update: [Help needed] Insuffucient funds when trying to withdraw token from a contract



I am not sure if this is the place but I need urgent help as my tokens got stuck in that joke exchange Etherdelta. I can’t withdraw using their interface.


So I am trying to do so via MEW. I have my Etherdelta key from the contract and I can see the tokens there. So I went to MEW and initiated “withdrawToken” and specified the values. However, the system refuses the withdraw and says “insufficient funds. Required 6824213000000000 and got: 0”.


What is the explanation behind this: do I need to have ETH in the contract account I am withdrawing from? If no, I do have ETH in the account I am withdrawing to. If yes, I tried to deposit using the deposit function of MEW in the wallet some ETH and also for this transaction it gets the same error – unsifficient funds, despite the fact I do have funds to deposit.


I would really, really appreciate any help on that as I am going crazy already. Thanks for reading!

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