Ethereum : HELP with GPU crashing(literally unsolvable)

Ethereum update: HELP with GPU crashing(literally unsolvable)

Hi, i have problem with my gpu, everytime i start miner(tried every mining software claymore,ccminer..) it freezes whole pc at creating dag then i loose video output then it come back but with silver screen and a lot of color lines and then it loose again video output and restart whole pc. If i dont use that gpu on primarily slot for video output then it just report 0 h/s and freeze and restart pc after 2-5 mins of working. I tried everything :
Different mining rig and to my personal pc,
Different miners and drivers,
Directly to motherboard only that gpu on rig,
On hiveOS and on windows 10,
Underclocked and undervolted , original bios returned,
Lowered intensity in claymore,
I tested it in furmark it ran for 2+ hour with no problem in video games also works like charm only crash when mining.
Also mount ago it was crashing claymore with nvml: cannot get current temperature, error.
Help please im going crazy i tried all that i could.

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