Ethereum : Help with running ATIWinFlash

Ethereum update: Help with running ATIWinFlash

I just bought 3 RX570 and ATIWinFlash won’t open at all.

I tried different AMD drives still cant flash them, I even tried different ATIWinFlash versions 277, 274, 271.

but one of the ATIWinFlash only shows me this massage “cannot fined discrete ATI video card” but the three cards and one 1070 shows in device manger and working fine with claymore but slow hash rate 22mh.

I used DDU to delete the Nvidia drive for the 1070 that used to be in my pc and unplug it and just put one RX570 and still cant find the card.
when I write ATIFlash -i in CDM it says ATIFlash is not recognized!

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