Ethereum : How can I confirm that I’m successfully mining (

Ethereum update: How can I confirm that I’m successfully mining (

Hey all! New to the ETC game. I’ve set up my miner and it seems to be running successfully however when I check my wallet address in the []( website, it shows 0 MH/S etc. Is there a way to confirm that I’m set up properly? I’m using myetherwallet as my wallet.

Hm.. I’ve even tried a new wallet.. I dunno wth is going on. I’ve double checked to make sure it’s the correct wallet.

**Edit:** My config is as follows:

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool []( -ewal <insertwalletidhere> -epsw x

**Edit 2:** When the miner runs here are main two statements that keep popping up (without the filler)

Share found – (GPU 0)

Share accepted (110ms) !

Weird.. after a new wallet being created it seems to be working now. I dunno what I did wrong.. maybe I put in an ETH wallet by accident but I know I checked that wallet ID over and over! Thanks for the help everyone.

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