Ethereum : How not to build a miner or how to max out your credit card like a turd.

Ethereum update: How not to build a miner or how to max out your credit card like a turd.

I don’t have anywhere to host images so I apologize that I can’t post any. If there is enough interest I can make a short youtube video showcasing my insanity.

So I started off mining with one video card on my gaming rig. A GTX970, I was getting about 17mh. Then visa foolishly raised my credit limit. So I ordered two Vega FE’s when they were released. I was hoping vega would be a mining monster. For the first month I couldn’t get them past 36mh each. Eventually drivers got better, I got them both up to 42mh each with a total system draw of 500w measured at the wall.

Many months go by and foolish Visa gave me a massive credit increase. So I spent close to $10,000 CAD building what I considered to be a professional miner.

I ordered:

Asrock Taichi x399
Threadripper 1900x
16gb ram
256gb Samsung 960 evo
(4) Vega Frontier Edition Air cooled cards
chenbro 4u 4 GPU case
Noctua NH-U9

I brought it online and as expected, the GPUs were too close together and couldn’t get enough airflow and they over heated.

So I had no choice, I ordered four water blocks from EK, put in a radiator, pump, plumbed things and brought the rig online. For testing purposes I pushed all the cards to 44mh each, eventually dropping that down to 41mh each for stability. Total system draw, 860w(roughly. Calculated via amps/volts).

One of the EK fans failed, so i replaced them all with noctua fans.

I’m mining to hold, it’s my only hope of recovering my money. If ETH was worth more I would by a good case for my desktop that has two FE’s in it. I recently stopped mining with it due to dust buildup. My threadripper rig lives in a rough service rack in a climate controlled room. GPU temps hover around 48-50C.

I don’t regret it, it’s one hell of a computer. I don’t have a use for it beyond mining so I genuinely hope it will eventually pay for itself. I have mined about 1.5eth with it since it came online.

Oh if you’re wondering:

I don’t like free standing mining rigs, so i wanted to build something that would go into a rack. Need lots of PCIE lanes for hbcc to work properly with vega, so i went with threadripper to get enough pcie lanes. My only regret is not getting the 1950x and mining with it as well.

Since everyone else does it, if you want to support my insanity and see more of my stupid ideas come to fruition:


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