Ethereum : How tio connect Ethereum Wallet to Parity Node 2.x

Ethereum update: How tio connect Ethereum Wallet to Parity Node 2.x

I am running a full node parity which is always syncing, and want to connect the official Ethereum GUI wallet it to it, but have not been able to get it working. I have tried RPC over [http://localhost](http://localhost) port 8545 . I am on Windows and have heard there is an IPC pipe method but am not sure how to do in Windows. I would prefer a secure method over https or pipes. Both are latest versions-

command for wallet: “Ethereum Wallet.exe” –rpc [http://localhost:8545](http://localhost:8545)

command for parity: parity.exe –mode=active –jsonrpc-apis=all

error I see when wallet trys to connect to parity is “subscriptions are not available on this transport”

…Any help is appreciated.

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